TO: ALL CUSTOMERS, ALL MARKETS; ALL Sales Personnel, and ALL Delivery Personnel

FROM: Ron Gallo – EVP Operations Finance, Opici Family Distributing

DATE: November 5, 2020 (Modified from March 20, 2020)

RE: Delivery Guidelines related to COVID-19

Dear Customer:

As we continue to protect our employees, customers and communities from ongoing transmission of the coronavirus we would like to redistribute the following guidelines. These guidelines were originally provided in March 2020. They have been revised as per the bolded sections below. As many of our on-premise accounts were forced to be closed in the early stages of the Covid outbreak, and now have re-opened in some capacity for some time, we felt it was important to send this reminder/revised memo. Please contact your Salesperson with any comments/direction/changes to the current process, and we will look to accommodate where feasible.

On this basis we would like to implement the following delivery guidelines in order of preference:

1. Customer deliveries will be “curbside” or “door” deliveries which would eliminate the need for our driver to physically enter a location. If customers would like, we can have our drivers call ahead just prior to the delivery.
2. Customer deliveries will be to a specific back room or storage area, this will eliminate the need for our Drivers to enter the retail/restaurant floor space where they would be sharing personal space with the store’s employees and/or customers.
3. For customer deliveries that must take place through the storefront, and assuming there is not a reasonable alternative, we would ask for our customers to designate an area within 15 feet of the entrance where goods can be staged.

In addition, we are committed to the following additional guidelines:
• Eliminate requests to place product in store aisles and/or pack out cases at all, as this would undermine the intent of the above.
• The wearing of face masks/coverings is mandatory. This applies to our employees, customers, our customer’s employees and the patrons of our customers while indoors. The exception is when people are seated at a table or bar and eating or drinking at an on-premise account.
• If a Driver is working with a Helper for the day, because it is difficult to maintain proper social distancing while driving, both must where a mask or face covering while in the delivery vehicle.

• We are providing hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, disposable gloves and face masks to our drivers, and our drivers are required to sanitize their vehicle at the beginning, during and the end of every shift.
• Everyone should maintain personal space guidelines of 6 ft. and we should refrain from any touching, including shaking hands. In addition, best practice also calls for customers using their own pens to sign/confirm deliveries, rather than sharing.

We have continued to implement these procedures since Monday, March 23rd, 2020. Our industry so far has had the benefit of continuing strong business, on and off-premise. Our objective is to support this business environment as well as we can, but with consideration and protections in place for all.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and your support during these difficult times.

Thank you,